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Bummer Bag x



Bumbags got a bad rep in the eighties.  I can’t think why.

Tourists Holding Hands


The nineties weren’t much better..


But away from the neon and laughter, there’s a functional aesthetic desperate to get out.  I have the bag in this picture – it’s by Hipstersforsisters – and it’s a true, top totty wonder.  With it’s chain, it can be unclipped and turned into a crossbody, or removed entirely to transform into a clutch.  A slam-dunk three-in-one-no-brainer.


Now I’m after something a bit bigger, in brown leather with more pockets to carry passport, phone…and cash..to take to Greece.  I’ve left it a bit late in the day, but I’m hoping I’ll still find something…

inspo The_Row_004_1366.683x1024

without having to raid the last penny of the piggy bank for this Row bag sadly costing more than the holiday!

Laters, Kate x


A walk in the Woods..


Did you have a lovely Christmas? I hope so!


Spot my new baby..yep..a Hipsters for Sisters leopard bag as drooled over here..and I LOVE it! Versatile, accommodating and a true thrill to wear..the belt option is GENIUS…but it’s so easy to wear cross body as well…love, love, LOVE!



One happy bunny!


We spent yesterday taking the Blanket Coat for a walk, enjoying the blue skies (after all our storms) and blowing some cobwebs at Richmond Park..



You’d never guess we were still in London..

IMG_4038 IMG_4065

We played poo sticks (I lost).


Saw a woodpecker..


And stood under a parrot tree! (Not for too long..)


Till the dusk came down and it was time to head home..


To a roaring fire and left-over Christmas pudding…heaven!

Laters, Kate x