Damn x


The crittall glass people arrived here yesterday and the only glass they left is the sort related to the Emperor’s new clothes:  It didn’t fit through the front door…one centimetre out, so it’s been returned to the factory. Apparently the main frame was supposed to be designed in two parts but it wasn’t. Their bad.  But it leaves me to explain the situation to Building Control and delay our final sign off again..there’s always something.


I’m distracting the frustration with a search for the perfect table lamp..something utterly ugly and totally wonderful.c1faafcee2d8e6fabebf2afe1a7f1a0d ca750609a3202fcae0dd5491ac31fd7c db8d490e7782fb03272aa6fc8f72ed47

They give such bones to a room..an intriguing combination of height, light and ambience.


It’s a ploy that’s working…

Laters, Kate x


    • Maison Bentley Style

      My Polish builders were fantastic..but every bit I’ve contracted out since with, dare I say, English builders..just not the same standard. And it’s always the last bits… xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      So true!! They did the site visit and took the measurements so it’s their problem…but my delay. A real first world problem but galling all the same. I hope you have better luck! xxx