Oh! How I LOVE!

I have more dresses from our first collection…not perfectly shot because these were taken literally on the rails at the factory…but perfectly made…

IMG_1858This is the (Frilly) Billie in black broderie anglais…effing awesome in my entirely biased opinion! I will die to wear this dress..the piping…sooo chic!

IMG_1866The Grace in black..just a completely different dress…simple, elegant…wonderful!

IMG_1859This is our no-named shirt…Lace is our reflection on now..this print represents our vision for the future and a very british essence we wanted to capture.  What has delighted us (can you tell?!) is that we wanted the core of our first collection to be cross-seasonal so we could carry it forward whilst growing new ideas…the other concept we wanted to embrace is escalator dressing..the ability to wear an item dressed up out to dinner..or casually with a pair of jeans or flip-flops..the final criteria is that where humanely possible everything will have pockets..love. love. LOVE! – check out the cuffs and the shoulders..


The Valentina, tarted up…don’t you want to just touch it? stroke it? Wear it? She is gorgeous!

Laters, a delighted Kate xxx


  1. Laura Lynn

    Oh Kate! LOVE does not do it justice! Such a wonderful collection needs a word that is as lovely, unique, fantastic and bold as it is. What word? Raffish? Clever? Discerning? It’s all that…congratulations!

  2. fashionillustrate

    wow so you are basically a fashion clothes designer??? that’s is what I want to be when I grow up!!! I really like your Grace in black dress, I would absolutely wear it!! Have you checked out my designs? please tell me what you think and if you could see it made as a collection 😀

  3. lavenderloafers

    WoW!! Its unbelievable!!!!! I would love to be there at least for 5 mins and a little bit touch to these….. OMG!!!!! Its my dream to have even smaller workroom, bcz now I have to work just in living room…. omg….

      • lavenderloafers

        Is it New York? OMG!!!! Its my another dream also to get there for holiday!!!! Ahhhh, I’m getting really crazy with my comments:) but I really I can’t help to stop being impulsive and emotional, sorry but when I look at these collection Its just incredible I can’t stop!!!!