Do I Fall For You? x




J.Crew is a gentle melodic voice over a Spanish guitar in a bar in Shoreditch, singing of relaxed yet crisp cottons, urban slides and pretending not to care..




 In many respects they’re hitting it out of the ball-park…



But something’s not quite right, even when my heart skips a beat looking at this top.



There’s almost a computer generated skill to the precision of desire: The perfect angle of slouch, the accuracy of the turn-ups, the atomic glow of the whites..




Maybe it’s the Jean Paul Gaultier effect – I went with the irrepressible Julie from Vintageattitude on Tuesday to see his Exhibition at the Barbican and oh! how we revelled and laughed in the joy and the humour!





Now I want to throw a Banksy graffiti at this pristine grey marl sweat, fray the edges of the linen and in a pointed bra, Vogue away from the Stepford set..



But I still want this skirt…

Laters, Kate x



  1. vintageattitude

    Their brochure just plopped through the door with my Vogue! Love the shapes but like you I want to embellish and throw paint at them. Love the shoulder pleat on the crop top…..May nick that idea!…..oh Jean Paul…..we are ruined for anyone else!….xxx

  2. The Posh Blog

    Love your writing style. That gray shirt needs help. Are Birkenstock really pictured or do my eyes deceive me? Nooooo. Love J Crew. Minus the Birkenstock; I can’t support that. HA

  3. Positive Sarah

    I know what you mean. They are just a bit too…crisp, perfect, correct…needs a bit of messing up, methinks.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I think even an awesome piece of jewellery would do it..a Patrick Mavros bangle of the side of a croc would do it..but they’ve almost been presented like a blank canvas.. xxx

  4. Fashion Mayann

    I’m soooooo jealous to read that you went to the JPG Barbican exhibition !!! J.Crew’s pieces are lovely, but Jean Paul, OMG, he’s the indisputable Genius of Fashion ! xxxxx

  5. mrsugarbears

    I’m quite boring most of the time…I have a lot of J Crew in my wardrobe. It just fits so wonderfully. I love vanity sizes. 🙂 (the skirt is amazeballs)

  6. fashionassist

    I looooove that skirt too and actually went on the hunt for it today…
    but my search turned up empty and like Spring…
    its arrival seems to be disappointingly late 😦 ~xo