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David Bowie x


RIP David Bowie, the man who’s gone to heaven.

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Hot tracks, cool suits, he was the slipstream where art and narrative collided.

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I met him many moons ago as a film extra – we chatted over a chicken sandwich whilst having our hair highlighted together..he would eventually cut my throat. Not many people can say that..


The Picasso of pop and an enigma to the end: A superstar that, in a news crazy world where titbits are commodity and nothing is sacred, managed to keep his illness a secret and death a shock.  Utter respect.

Laters, Kate x


Formidable artist through every layer of his being, true renaissance man and style icon, this post is dedicated to the delight that is David Bowie.


(Photo: Getty Images)

Hankering for a loose, louche nineties suit.

sweet jane blog-David Bowie Pin-ups suit(photo Mick Rock)

The length on that jacket. Divine.

David Bowie in a bomber jacket(Everett Collection/Rex Feature)

Ahead of his time: Nothing new about a silk floral bomber.

David Bowie: Hunky Dory(photo: Michael Ochs Archives)

Katherine Hepburn would’ve been proud.  A delicious pair of trousers

– coutured simplicity.

David Bowie at the Grammy awards in 1975(Photo: Ron Gelella/Wire Image)

New take on the bow tie, a long time before Jemma Lyons.

ae3dff02d1fdd51e6f62e260260db59e0b7457a0Optical illusionist.

David Bowie in a mustard suit(Photo: Terry O’Neill/ Hulton Archives/Getty Images)

Hot colour.

bowie-live--large-msg-130135527459(Photo: Antonia Billie/Getty Images)

Cool suits.


imageThe original monochrome.

E9EB683CCE20635D264CDE9A1E7068david-bowieThe Man Who Fell to Earth(Photo Studio Cane/Rex Features)

Ultimate accessories.

122905902_BOWIE_03_389476cPrepared to push the style boundaries.

ziggy_bowie big-david-bowie-ziggy-stardust-large-msg-118522889844 5ad2c373fd4e717606def3c08786b2b6

He just is a remarkable creation.

Laters, Kate x

Oooh ay Mouret!

I got a giddy thrill when I realised what exactly Roland Mouret had chosen as the inspiration for his fall 2013 ready to wear collection…nothing less than Catherine Deneuve in the 1983 film The Hunger..


A three-in-one sliding doors moment of revelation, sparks and vivid memories with many things colliding – first there is Mouret, the fashion designer and the inventor of the infamous Galaxy dress, then there is Catherine Deneuve – the aloof and mysterious film star and a fully fledged MasonBentley style icon as one of the world’s most elegant women.. and then there is the beguiling fact that I – yep, as in ‘moi’ – I was actually in The Hunger…along with David Bowie and Susan Sarandon, all directed by Tony Scott…

IMG_1415I played the musical double to this girl  – can’t remember her name now – but in the movie it was Alice.  We all played in a piano trio together practising Schubert.

IMG_1432Alice played the violin (well, I did)

images-9David bowie the Cello (I first met him at the hairdressers with me under a halo of hedgehog-like highlighting foils.  Most glamorous – but we did share a sandwich together!)

IMG_1431And Catherine Deneuve on the piano.  Which was completely bonkers, especially when you realise that with a modicum of musical knowledge, we were all sitting in the wrong positions – but hey – that’s show business! and the light has to take precedence..

I was a little shadow happily lost in a fairytale – the bulk of the filming was done in a huge, stunningly beautiful old house encased in marble  round the back of the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair and I spent many a day watching in the wings, amazed by the amount of smoke they used and talking to costume, make-up and hair.  I have graphic memories of the clothes..the lovely lady in charge of costume had just won an Oscar for Chariots of Fire (Kate, always wear pastels – they are your colour!) and I can see the influence of that film running through The Hunger…it was sophisticated, graceful…

Unknown-2 images-4IMG_1434

But this wasn’t what inspired mouret…he looked to the edgy club scene in the opening scenes and the underlying aggressive, feral emotions that permeate the movie..

Unknown-1Check out the sunnies and the harder edges..and see the influence:

_ROU0193.683x1024(courtesy of style.com)


(courtesy of style-com)


(courtesy of style.com)

_ROU0049.683x1024(courtesy of style.com)

I particularly love the cream coat and the trousers above – and it is wonderful to be reminded of a special time in my life… there was talk of me having a proper part – playing Deneuve’s daughter – and I actually got taken out on a wardrobe buying mission…but the idea got canned…however I did get to have my throat cut by David Bowie..


How many people can say that?!

laters, Kate x