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Joy is simply producing a whopping, great bubble…and wanting to do it again, and again, and again…


Yesterday, we finally go our giant bubble mixture to really work…YAAAAAAYYYYYY!


The recipe was:

One and a half teaspoons of guar gum (bought from Amazon).

Mixed with enough glycerin (from local chemist) to turn it into a paste.

To which 4 litres of hottest tap water is slowly added.

And a tablespoon of baking powder.

Then finally 6 oz of the best fairy liquid you can buy (we used platinum).

(The trick is lots of vigorous stirring..and then let it sit for 20 minutes).


(The bubbles wands are simply made from wooden spoons and cotton string, tied in a triangular shape with a weight (keys/keyrings work well) at the bottom).

IMG_5765 IMG_5771 IMG_5785 IMG_5763

We learnt that if you blew into the bubble..

IMG_5794 IMG_5795IMG_5776

You could get bubbles inside the bubble!


Hours and hours of pure, unadulterated FUN!

Laters, Kate x

So Far..


The plan this sumer is to find the perfect beach dress within a reasonable budget, made with the ravishing timbre of towelling.  Apart from the lux offering of Lisa Marie (sigh), this picture above represents the biggest research success so far – it’s called a surf dress – which makes total sense: practical and for a purpose.  The downside is that it’s not symmetrical (sadly I’m a sucker for 2 patch pockets or one large, central kangaroo pouch), it’s from Australia and personally, I’d like a longer version.  But the price is good: £47.43 plus postage, so if anyone’s interested it comes from here. Now I know these dresses are a genre I’ve looked at other surf dresses, but infuriatingly, they’re either made from fleece, covered in logos or they don’t have the v-neck..and that v-neck is crucial…it’s what stops it from being a sack.


Then I thought: just concentrate on the utilitarian shape – what’s appealing is the boxy shape with the neck-line and the pockets..which is just like a painters or fisherman’s smock…then elongate for a dress.
140de4e5c0e82794739f38b17443228aAnd they’re pretty totes-amaze just as a summer top..imagine with a pair of cut off denim shorts?..this one is from..wait for it..Amazon! at £27.48..bargain..! The lacing is divine..as is the pocket.


I think they would work..except I can’t find a pattern..


These are my top pattern picks so far..a possibility..


Liking the pouch..worried the shapes not square enough..and it’s a vintage 6-8.


Would ‘A’ work in towelling??

Slowly it’s starting to make sense – it’s good to highlight what you love and want..but it’s still a work in progress..

Laters, Kate x