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So Far..


The plan this sumer is to find the perfect beach dress within a reasonable budget, made with the ravishing timbre of towelling.  Apart from the lux offering of Lisa Marie (sigh), this picture above represents the biggest research success so far – it’s called a surf dress – which makes total sense: practical and for a purpose.  The downside is that it’s not symmetrical (sadly I’m a sucker for 2 patch pockets or one large, central kangaroo pouch), it’s from Australia and personally, I’d like a longer version.  But the price is good: £47.43 plus postage, so if anyone’s interested it comes from here. Now I know these dresses are a genre I’ve looked at other surf dresses, but infuriatingly, they’re either made from fleece, covered in logos or they don’t have the v-neck..and that v-neck is crucial…it’s what stops it from being a sack.


Then I thought: just concentrate on the utilitarian shape – what’s appealing is the boxy shape with the neck-line and the pockets..which is just like a painters or fisherman’s smock…then elongate for a dress.
140de4e5c0e82794739f38b17443228aAnd they’re pretty totes-amaze just as a summer top..imagine with a pair of cut off denim shorts?..this one is from..wait for it..Amazon! at £27.48..bargain..! The lacing is divine..as is the pocket.


I think they would work..except I can’t find a pattern..


These are my top pattern picks so far..a possibility..


Liking the pouch..worried the shapes not square enough..and it’s a vintage 6-8.


Would ‘A’ work in towelling??

Slowly it’s starting to make sense – it’s good to highlight what you love and want..but it’s still a work in progress..

Laters, Kate x