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One, Two, Three, Floor x


Before I go any further, can I just say how much I love my parquet floors – they’re warm, characterful and if they were a food they’d be a perfectly cooked, melt in the mouth steak. ┬áBut there is another type of floor I would happily embrace, particularly in bathrooms: Terrazzo – A centuries old technique of mixing up marble, granite or quartz chippings with a cementitious binder, which is then polished to a fine shine.


The advantage of this technique is the ability to make anything from the mixture – it’s like the architectural version of play doh. Imagination (and possibly good taste) are the only limits to it’s capabilities.



It can be big and brash, laden with special effects: patterns, glittery bits and brass inlays.063a8ea106b5b54b5fe22e6cc8e72318 15f4db96ed0dc8f85e66d807bef5c568 ded3ce73d98ad72576cef463864ba1e2

Or it can be discreet, quietly accepting the continual pounding of life with extreme confidence, forever remaining constant. Qualities to value.


It also (and I speak from confidence here – this was the floor in my Grandparents house in Greece for many years) never shows the dirt.

Effectively it’s floor rock n roll.

Laters, Kate x