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True Love x


The best designers speak in code and invent a creative force to be reckoned with..weaving ideas through every Collection like white silk ribbons through a babies bonnet.


The See by Chloe Resort 2015 is simple with a punch, demanding attention with subtle references and feminine flair.


Is that a Chore coat I spy there??  And the trainers are to die for..the width of the stripes = perfection.

See_by_Chloe_019_1366.683x1024-1 See_by_Chloe_017_1366.683x1024

Soft detailing, easy structure..


A geekiness that brightens the eye.


Red, white, and blue for the patriotic…but balanced with coral and black.  Cunning.

See_by_Chloe_014_1366.683x1024 See_by_Chloe_008_1366.683x1024See_by_Chloe_023_1366.683x1024

Like a go faster stripe on a trouser? Why not on an elegant puffed sleeve?


Urban cool and easy living..romancing the margins.



A Collection so smart it makes your head happily spin.

Laters, Kate x

Ruminations.. x



Do you remember these pics? They came from a post way back in November when culottes first started appearing.  They still remain some of my favourite outfit combinations.



 These were such a clever pair.

But why another post on the same subject?



Because buying less but buying better deserves serious thought.

(and it gives me the chance to show you this pic of the Givenchy pair from yesterday out on the streets.  How ravishing?)


(And this pair worn with a battered sneakers. Just for Laura..)


But truthfully, I was thinking seriously about the tidal rise and appeal of Fast Fashion..and I’m convinced that part of the lure is it salves the fear of making mistake purchases, because if we do make one, does it really matter?  And so our wardrobes clutter up with unworn, unwanted skins that economically – despite their original headlines – just don’t make sense.  Instead shopping feels like a burden..making purchases has lost it’s sparkle: there’s now so much choice that my brain literally melts as I walk past racks of clothes shouting buy me! buy me!  The joy of taking the time to make that vital decision has gone out the window..as has the buzz of returning triumphant with that specially chosen piece of treasure that makes you feel a Queen every time you wear it.


The solution?


I don’t know.


All I know is that this season I’m going to go through all my old posts to find my true loves – the ones that really made my heart sing – and ear mark them for the Summer Sales – reduce it down to one Designer item to save for if I have to.  This summer, I’m going to only buy seven outfits..three skirts, 2 pairs of trousers and 2 summer dresses and five tops.  Shoes? 2 pairs. Jackets/coats?..has to be 2..they are my weakness…


And choosing less means choosing well..talking about..looking at it from every angle…trying everything on, getting things altered if necessary, making them myself if I have too…but most importantly….


It means really trying to get it absolutely right…and never, ever compromising…




Laters, Kate x



(Photo acknowledgements: London-Boutique.com, Walsh Tippetts and Pintrest)