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Do you remember these pics? They came from a post way back in November when culottes first started appearing.  They still remain some of my favourite outfit combinations.



 These were such a clever pair.

But why another post on the same subject?



Because buying less but buying better deserves serious thought.

(and it gives me the chance to show you this pic of the Givenchy pair from yesterday out on the streets.  How ravishing?)


(And this pair worn with a battered sneakers. Just for Laura..)


But truthfully, I was thinking seriously about the tidal rise and appeal of Fast Fashion..and I’m convinced that part of the lure is it salves the fear of making mistake purchases, because if we do make one, does it really matter?  And so our wardrobes clutter up with unworn, unwanted skins that economically – despite their original headlines – just don’t make sense.  Instead shopping feels like a burden..making purchases has lost it’s sparkle: there’s now so much choice that my brain literally melts as I walk past racks of clothes shouting buy me! buy me!  The joy of taking the time to make that vital decision has gone out the has the buzz of returning triumphant with that specially chosen piece of treasure that makes you feel a Queen every time you wear it.


The solution?


I don’t know.


All I know is that this season I’m going to go through all my old posts to find my true loves – the ones that really made my heart sing – and ear mark them for the Summer Sales – reduce it down to one Designer item to save for if I have to.  This summer, I’m going to only buy seven outfits..three skirts, 2 pairs of trousers and 2 summer dresses and five tops.  Shoes? 2 pairs. Jackets/coats?..has to be 2..they are my weakness…


And choosing less means choosing well..talking about..looking at it from every angle…trying everything on, getting things altered if necessary, making them myself if I have too…but most importantly….


It means really trying to get it absolutely right…and never, ever compromising…




Laters, Kate x



(Photo acknowledgements:, Walsh Tippetts and Pintrest)


  1. holzfeder

    How true. I am thinking these days about getting rid of (almost) my whole wardrobe and buying a couple, really a couple, of things I could wear: happy, feeling confident and feeling comfortable. And that inspire me and that can be washed in the washing machine. Is there such a thing out there? What I need and is almost not to find: Long sleeve (long sleeve, please, dear designers) dresses, up to the knee, with vertical cuts (please, don’t cut our poor silhouettes just where we don’t need it, under the breast or around our tortured waists), with elegant but not old-lady, happy but not childish patterns. Tell me: Is there such a thing?

  2. Maison Bentley Style

    I know what you mean..the hero clothes that just work and are the foundation of ones wardrobe. Your description of the dress..the one that immediately sprang to mind was a shirt dress…as long as you don’t mind the buttons going up – but I rather like that ability to un-do the odd button! But finding one that isn’t fitted..I’ll keep my eyes open… xxx

  3. dievca

    Whew! I need to whittle my closet, but I find that sometimes when I have sat on a piece for years, all of the sudden it becomes a favorite….So, the “toss it if you haven’t worn it” theory makes me nervous. I have decided to lay out my clothes/shoes better and “shop” my closet this year. Cross Fingers it will work.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      In my ideal world I’d have three double wardrobes…one for summer, one for winter…and one for every day! At the moment I am cheating..we have loft space and a cellar..but what good really is it there?? But like you..I find it very hard to get rid of anything..and my huge excuse is that Bella might like it one day!! xxx

  4. silkpathdiary

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I think it takes confidence to know what you want and not compromise. This is my second year of planning 2 shopping lists per year, (no more wishlists, if it doesn’t make it to the shopping list, it’s banished and I move on) by shopping my closet first and seeing what I need to tweak and replace each season. I totally love that photo of Yasmin too, for the textures, colours, the pieces themselves and combined. I realise a lot of the seasonal updates for me personally is to do with styling rather adding new items. So this year I’m trying to mix as much as possible.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      So sensible. I think I’ve always be more of an impulse buyer, but recognising the core pieces makes the day to day so much easier..and I keep telling myself, there are only 7 days in the week… xxx

  5. Fashion Mayann

    This is such a difficult choice : it’s much better for the planet to be a proud ecofashionista, but it isn’t very good for the fashion industry … xxxxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      It is very hard..but I’m hoping that what I buy helps true talent and not the mass-produced fat cats. I think I’ve reached that stage where quality and longevity, as well as slightly different call loudest to me xxx

  6. kimberlyakinola

    I don’t know but i think am loving this, no matter how i look at it, It totally got me, its different, unique and beautiful something that might be trending in the next 5yrs or so.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Do you remember the big mini skirt craze? No matter what shape or size you were everyone wore them..I can feel this being something similar…definitely worth some investment buying.. xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I think I’ve traditionally bought more for an event or on impulse rather than with any particular thought…although when I was at school and relied on saving my bus money by getting off a stop early and walking I planned every penny! But often I’d save for something..go get it..and it was gone! Maybe that’s what changed everything…..but I think there is something in buying less but buying better.. xxx

  7. Laura Lynn

    mmmm, and you NAILED it! Love that battered sneakers number. It’s perfect. And can be worn in many ways with so many different pieces. I think that particular outfit is the crux of a wardrobe. Just add colour. And, of course, high heel shoes. I am addicted to MuiMui this season. The fabrics are heart melting. And Oscar de la Renta’s owls. And Eric Madigan Heck. Those photos are mesmerizing. And Linda Walker. Of course, there are so many, many more…Oooh how fun. I’ve never done a fashion post. Maybe I’ll pick my dream SS2014 pieces. What a lovely way to rock myself to sleep….ahhhhhh, perchance to dream.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      You made me laugh! I loved that outfit too..and it was a school assembly today for Charlie..and I actually modelled what I wore on that picture!! Two minds hey..would LOVE to see a fashion post. It is the permission to step into a fantasy world which is really rather wonderful! xxx

  8. Bronwyn Joy @ Journeys Of The Fabulist

    Definitely it has to do with fear of mistakes. I think charity shops make excellent places to buy if you’re feeling fearful – rather than creating clutter, you take a low risk and get a glow from donating back all those mistakes until you find your feet. Then you’re ready to make proper investments.

  9. fashionassist

    “Buy less and wear often” is one of my style mantras I live by and teach to my clients…
    strategically creating a “list” and “waiting for sales” are two great ways to “shop smart”…
    and practicing both disciplines will truly help the joy of “taking your time” to return!! ~xo
    PS Excellent post and totally share your love of culottes ♥