Confident & Lethal x

article-2421974-1BDBD0FF000005DC-914_634x842 The new freshly revitalised curiously exotic cropped trouser (is it a culotte? is it a crop?) is a subtle study in seductive volume and intriguing silhouette.

culotte Worn with a pair of killer kicks.


Or battered sneakers..


They appear totally relevant, wearable and somehow..romantic.


Hand-clappingly ravishing with full throttle satisfaction..I fall.

Laters, Kate x

(Photo acknowledgements:, Walsh Tippetts and Pintrest)


  1. wecominhome

    These look way too comfy to be worn out but the way these women pull them off….they look anything but homewear. Also, love how they can be worn with sneaks too


  2. Fashion Mayann

    I’m a Converse-kind-of-woman but I’m totally obsessed with the look # 2, probably because of the killer leopard pumps but also because of the magical Zip which turns this particular volume into something extremely chic ! xxxx

  3. dievca

    Hmmm, the jury is out — though I like the green culottes with the blue sweater (jumper). I am old enough to have done culottes the first time around as a kid….and I am short. I need to think on this or try a couple of pairs on. Dresses are easier.

  4. MELewis

    Absolutely love cropped pants. They fit my short stumps like regular pants – no hemming! Very stylish post, merci!

  5. Paula

    Well I like them! Pic number 3 could be me!! Have a similar but shorter pinstripe pair that that work well with killer heels. Highlight those ankles girls! x

  6. Laura Lynn

    Very killer look, but for me? I think with Converse sneakers I’d look to dumpy. With heels? That’s a possibility. Ooh, who is it who designed the Archie and Veronica shoes? Charlotte Olympia. Yes, with those, definitely with those.

  7. fashionassist

    Been eyeing this look on many of my fave European blogs for some time now…
    totally love this look and am poised to pounce…ready + waiting to gobble up!!!