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For Abbie x


This post isn’t symbolic of anything but it’s a look back at the year: It’s been a rollercoaster with a little too much chasing of tails, not helped with building works, the decorating of building works and a third project that’s been slowly ticking over in the background.  It’s all led to less time for this place – but it’s been a point of pride to try and get something out each day and a big thank you to all those who have stuck through the chaos!  This is definitely my outlet – a place to pin down thoughts and make ideas real and remains one of my favourite parts of the day.


But once again time has a life of it’s own: I’m leaving for Greece shortly – a whole week earlier than expected which means crushing everything into an ever smaller time frame.  So I’m very grateful to Abbie and her blog Twenty, Trendy and Thriving for nominating me for a blog award and presenting me with a list of questions to answer.  I’m going to be cheeky and use each question as individual Blog posts to give me something to hang my brain cells on.


Her first question is ‘Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?’ It’s a toughie and could be the continuing story of this whole blog, but if you distill it down, the grains of truth could be older ladies, like the Advanced Style girls who’ve learnt the lessons of life, know what suits them and unashamedly flaunt their own type of beauty.

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Happy to be so relentlessly wrong, they’re right.

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Pulling together looks with nothing more than one hundred percent pure style.

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They encapsulate the knowledge that when you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like anyone else. Food for thought.

Laters, Kate x

It’s getting colder..

And I need a hat advanced style..

Jean, Valerie showing our accessories  Easter 2012  Idiosyncratic Fashionistas  Copy of IMG_3482 201081991213278 402cac5303403649b21a43326aaf1373 IMG_2938 copy Beatrix Ost, Advanced Style IMG_8035 IMG_5291 Aug 20093 001 (all above photos from the truly wonderful Advanced Style blog by Ari Seth)

My love of these women – they are utter icons in my eyes – has been further enhanced by a new Cutting Edge documentary by Sue Barnes shown here in the UK on channel 4 this week called ‘Fabulous Fashionistas’.

Bridget Sojourner 1 The title is ghastly, and in total contrast to the subject matter..six individuals with an average age of 80 representing a stunning antidote to all those that bow down at the font of youth.

3_1378293709_bus2Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.16Bring it on ladies.

Laters, Kate x

Maybe-time Style..

1013-Street_Peeper-Caroline_Sieber_pajamas_fa( Caroline Siebar in Paris, photo from http://www.glamour.com)

It’s unusual by any standard to wear night clothes as day wear.  But I love it.  The length of this jacket and the sleeves are perfection. As are the trousers and the subtle white edging, cunningly avoided on the sleeves to dilute the pure pyjama look. Finished with ideal almost-there shoes.  Not just cool for summer in the City, but Super Cool full stop.

1898495-1-H-M-pajama-suit(photo by Catherine at Treadmill.com)

An oh-so-simple short version demonstrating an innovative way of re-defining classics as a rich alternative to the insipid mass-market conveyer belt: Let personality speak.


Loose, sophisticated and effortlessly hip. But note to self: They have to have pockets in the trousers as well to truly work. Just wasted in a bedroom.

IMG_9766_2 copy(Photo by Ari Seth Cohen)

Hats off to the infamous Tziporah Salamon of Advanced Style fame radiating a high degree of self-understanding intoxicatingly mixed with inspired wit in a 1930’s three piece Japanese silk set combined with dainty embroidered ballerina pumps and those totes amaze sunnies.

I may never get dressed again.

Laters, Kate xxx

What do you see?

I’ve been reading a great deal lately on the pros and cons of the Dove Real Beauty ad campaign..Does it represent a significant change in advertising by re-defining the unrealistic ideals regarding the way women should look?..Or is it a cynical reinforcement of the same old message that beauty is the most important asset for a women to have?

Personally, I can’t help but feel it’s an attempt at blue sky thinking by driven, claustrophobic, muttering male advertising execs who see it as an opportunity to make money by taking a ‘supporting’ stand.

Particularly when you compare the sugar coated rhetoric of the Dove ads, to the genius take it or leave it campaign for Karen Walker’s sunglasses based on the inspirational ladies from Ari Seth’s Advanced Style Blog.


Ilona Royce Smithkin, Artist, aged 92 wearing Northern Lights.

Ilona1-1Wearing Galaxy.
Ilona2 Wearing Atomic.

joyce3 Joyce Carpati, Singer, aged 80, wearing Northern Lights.

joyce1Wearing Intergalactic.


Wearing Eclipse.

linda1 Linda Rodin, Fashion Stylist, Founder and Owner of own beauty line RODIN Olia Iusso, aged 65, wearing Atomic.

linda2 Wearing Blue Moon.

linda3 Wearing Orbit.

lynn1 Lynn Delll, Boutique Owner, aged 80, wearing Space Bug.

lynn2 Wearing Optimist.


Wearing Deep Freeze.

I wish we could see more advertising like this with no pretence, no underlying message other  than rich visual flair, charisma and exuberance  – this subject shouldn’t really be a blog post, just like the Dove ad shouldn’t really be a Blog post.. but until advertisers stop religiously peddling youth as the only currency that sells, with beauty as it’s alter-ego then campaigns such as Karen Walker’s will just be brilliant flashes in the pan.

Until then, all I know is I want a little bit of what they’re having for no other reason than I think they are awesomely super cool…I think I have a crush..

Laters, Kate x