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What do you see?

I’ve been reading a great deal lately on the pros and cons of the Dove Real Beauty ad campaign..Does it represent a significant change in advertising by re-defining the unrealistic ideals regarding the way women should look?..Or is it a cynical reinforcement of the same old message that beauty is the most important asset for a women to have?

Personally, I can’t help but feel it’s an attempt at blue sky thinking by driven, claustrophobic, muttering male advertising execs who see it as an opportunity to make money by taking a ‘supporting’ stand.

Particularly when you compare the sugar coated rhetoric of the Dove ads, to the genius take it or leave it campaign for Karen Walker’s sunglasses based on the inspirational ladies from Ari Seth’s Advanced Style Blog.


Ilona Royce Smithkin, Artist, aged 92 wearing Northern Lights.

Ilona1-1Wearing Galaxy.
Ilona2 Wearing Atomic.

joyce3 Joyce Carpati, Singer, aged 80, wearing Northern Lights.

joyce1Wearing Intergalactic.


Wearing Eclipse.

linda1 Linda Rodin, Fashion Stylist, Founder and Owner of own beauty line RODIN Olia Iusso, aged 65, wearing Atomic.

linda2 Wearing Blue Moon.

linda3 Wearing Orbit.

lynn1 Lynn Delll, Boutique Owner, aged 80, wearing Space Bug.

lynn2 Wearing Optimist.


Wearing Deep Freeze.

I wish we could see more advertising like this with no pretence, no underlying message other  than rich visual flair, charisma and exuberance  – this subject shouldn’t really be a blog post, just like the Dove ad shouldn’t really be a Blog post.. but until advertisers stop religiously peddling youth as the only currency that sells, with beauty as it’s alter-ego then campaigns such as Karen Walker’s will just be brilliant flashes in the pan.

Until then, all I know is I want a little bit of what they’re having for no other reason than I think they are awesomely super cool…I think I have a crush..

Laters, Kate x