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A Bright Shining Star..

Tzaporah Salamon hits the wall and drives straight through it, exuding a ferocious energy and defying you to suggest that ‘old’ is a bad word – to be old is to have had the time to amass a life-times wardrobe put together with wisdom and experience.  A true visionary in her ability to salvage and re-invent, she dresses like she does for the sake of her soul.

And I love her. Yes, it’s five minutes of your life..but you won’t regret it.


Laters, Kate x

Maybe-time Style..

1013-Street_Peeper-Caroline_Sieber_pajamas_fa( Caroline Siebar in Paris, photo from http://www.glamour.com)

It’s unusual by any standard to wear night clothes as day wear.  But I love it.  The length of this jacket and the sleeves are perfection. As are the trousers and the subtle white edging, cunningly avoided on the sleeves to dilute the pure pyjama look. Finished with ideal almost-there shoes.  Not just cool for summer in the City, but Super Cool full stop.

1898495-1-H-M-pajama-suit(photo by Catherine at Treadmill.com)

An oh-so-simple short version demonstrating an innovative way of re-defining classics as a rich alternative to the insipid mass-market conveyer belt: Let personality speak.


Loose, sophisticated and effortlessly hip. But note to self: They have to have pockets in the trousers as well to truly work. Just wasted in a bedroom.

IMG_9766_2 copy(Photo by Ari Seth Cohen)

Hats off to the infamous Tziporah Salamon of Advanced Style fame radiating a high degree of self-understanding intoxicatingly mixed with inspired wit in a 1930’s three piece Japanese silk set combined with dainty embroidered ballerina pumps and those totes amaze sunnies.

I may never get dressed again.

Laters, Kate xxx