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1013-Street_Peeper-Caroline_Sieber_pajamas_fa( Caroline Siebar in Paris, photo from

It’s unusual by any standard to wear night clothes as day wear.  But I love it.  The length of this jacket and the sleeves are perfection. As are the trousers and the subtle white edging, cunningly avoided on the sleeves to dilute the pure pyjama look. Finished with ideal almost-there shoes.  Not just cool for summer in the City, but Super Cool full stop.

1898495-1-H-M-pajama-suit(photo by Catherine at

An oh-so-simple short version demonstrating an innovative way of re-defining classics as a rich alternative to the insipid mass-market conveyer belt: Let personality speak.


Loose, sophisticated and effortlessly hip. But note to self: They have to have pockets in the trousers as well to truly work. Just wasted in a bedroom.

IMG_9766_2 copy(Photo by Ari Seth Cohen)

Hats off to the infamous Tziporah Salamon of Advanced Style fame radiating a high degree of self-understanding intoxicatingly mixed with inspired wit in a 1930’s three piece Japanese silk set combined with dainty embroidered ballerina pumps and those totes amaze sunnies.

I may never get dressed again.

Laters, Kate xxx


  1. Many Cha Cha Michelle

    I love it best when, as in the last pic, you can’t be absolutely, totally sure that she hasn’t just rolled out of bed and jumped on her bike to go and grab the morning paper + coffee. Because her sleeping attire is also likely to be this glam!

    • MasonBentley

      I have a feeling that the finishing touch is a sewing machine or the help of a talented seamstress…and a sprinkling of devil-may-care confidence..

  2. Madeline Distasio

    I bought a PJ inspired top in a rust color with white edging, and when I pair it with white trousers and heels, it’s a hit everywhere I go! I also have PJ-style joggers that are comfortable and cute. Not sure if I have the courage to wear both pieces at once thought!

  3. vitreousvictoria

    This is an interesting coincidence for me, because I just found a 2nd hand 50s…let´s call it shirt, which I am not sure about. Is it a shirt/ blouse or is it the top of some pajamas? I saw Tziporah´s picture some days ago and decided it was okay to wear that piece anyway. I think it depends on the fabric and the print, right? As long as it´s not too obvious…I like the blue one from the first photo.

  4. Laura Lynn

    I have some wonderful pj’s that are street worthy. Must post pic of my in my stylish sleepwear-would love to see this catch on. It’s all about the shoes.

    • MasonBentley

      You’re right – the shoes need to be just right to carry it off..It tickles me pink that a pair of elasticated trousers could be a style icon..right up my street xxxxx

  5. pinkixxjewelry

    As much as we adore these styles we are still not sure whether we will have the courage to actually wear one in public 😀 But we love that blue pj though!

  6. Sofia Sanobar

    I really love the styles. loose trousers with pockets what can anyone ask for. Stylish and comfortable.

    • MasonBentley

      I think the response to this post goes to show that even given the huge amount of fashion we see on a daily basis, there are still strong conventions in our heads about what is and what isn’t acceptable. But take away the label of ‘pyjamas’ and you have a beautiful loose easy-wear suit..delicious! xxx

  7. silky1way

    I like it. it ‘s not boring, it’s different it’s fun! BTW there are many conventional clothes on the streets missing idea or some personal touch….let’s go for pyjamas!!!

  8. katetheparisienne

    I have so embraced this trend, you would not believe! There is nothing better during the summer than feeling that loose, silky, pyjama-like material on your bare skin… Love it! But the BIG question is, how on earth are we going to incorporate this into our winter wardrobes….? Loving the blog btw, keep it up! x Kate The Parisienne

    • MasonBentley

      Swap the bottoms for jeans and keep going..teamed with cuddly dressing gown coats?? Throw in a bit of sheep skin?..or a sheep! But I agree..feeling good + looking good = pure class xxx

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