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Hats Off…


It’s the trial run today for our termly creative coffee morning for the mum’s in Charlie’s class…we’re making fascinators to be worn at our class party the following week.  Cross your fingers – I’ve only ever been a pupil before, never the teacher, hence the need for a few guinea pigs, but I was treated to a class just before Christmas….and found it fascinating…here’s hoping for luscious lilly’s..


The odd rose…or two..

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Big bows for those that want..


And just letting imaginations run free…

Pics to follow…

Laters, Kate x

Hats Off!


Hats are having a moment..the humble bobble is back big time..so maybe there’s hope for the rest hitting the mainstream again.


It would be fun.  Hats may not speak, but they say volumes about an outfit.

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All of these tempting delights are by the talented Karen Henriksen, a milliner working in London who’s perfected the tightrope between modern and timeless.

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(All pictures Karen Henriksen and Pinterest)

Oh to have a few precious hours trying them all on and pouting in a fetchingly foxed antique mirror.  Such stuff dreams are made of.


Laters, Kate x

It’s getting colder..

And I need a hat advanced style..

Jean, Valerie showing our accessories  Easter 2012  Idiosyncratic Fashionistas  Copy of IMG_3482 201081991213278 402cac5303403649b21a43326aaf1373 IMG_2938 copy Beatrix Ost, Advanced Style IMG_8035 IMG_5291 Aug 20093 001 (all above photos from the truly wonderful Advanced Style blog by Ari Seth)

My love of these women – they are utter icons in my eyes – has been further enhanced by a new Cutting Edge documentary by Sue Barnes shown here in the UK on channel 4 this week called ‘Fabulous Fashionistas’.

Bridget Sojourner 1 The title is ghastly, and in total contrast to the subject matter..six individuals with an average age of 80 representing a stunning antidote to all those that bow down at the font of youth.

3_1378293709_bus2Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.16Bring it on ladies.

Laters, Kate x