It’s getting colder..

And I need a hat advanced style..

Jean, Valerie showing our accessories  Easter 2012  Idiosyncratic Fashionistas  Copy of IMG_3482 201081991213278 402cac5303403649b21a43326aaf1373 IMG_2938 copy Beatrix Ost, Advanced Style IMG_8035 IMG_5291 Aug 20093 001 (all above photos from the truly wonderful Advanced Style blog by Ari Seth)

My love of these women – they are utter icons in my eyes – has been further enhanced by a new Cutting Edge documentary by Sue Barnes shown here in the UK on channel 4 this week called ‘Fabulous Fashionistas’.

Bridget Sojourner 1 The title is ghastly, and in total contrast to the subject matter..six individuals with an average age of 80 representing a stunning antidote to all those that bow down at the font of youth.

3_1378293709_bus2Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.16Bring it on ladies.

Laters, Kate x


    • MasonBentley

      What appealed in the documentary was 2 things..a) How life embracing they were and b) How many of them managed to be amazing on tiny budgets spent in charity shops…bottom line: it’s all about attitude. Very refreshing x

    • MasonBentley

      Wasn’t the choreographer incredible? Married her toy-boy when she was 53 and he was 25..and 34 years later, they’re still obviously so in love. I can’t even do the splits now, let alone when I’m 87! Loved it x

  1. vintageattitude

    Wasn’t it a joy?! Finally fashion on women older than me,….no sign or talk of Botox or trying to look young. Just fabulous women with style….and a huge pair of balls! Fabulousness indeed!

  2. redlipstickmama

    Thanks for celebrating these inspirational women and sharing this with us! I absolutely how age is what makes their charisma and personality and style shine through. Refreshing from the standard dead fish look we usually see on magazine covers!

    • MasonBentley

      For a creative industry Fashion seems to be racist (speak to Iman), ageist and sizeist..I think the only thing it isn’t is anti-women..which makes we wonder why it suffers from the previous? x

  3. Laura Lynn

    I just love Ari Seth Cohen! One of my favorite blogs is Advanced Style. My favorite hat has to be the black straw with the tulle, it looks so versatile, but the best look? The lovely lady in the orange hat. Also, I’ve gotten so good at tying up turbans that I can’t help but be impressed with the casual elegance displayed by the turbans and top knots here.

    • MasonBentley

      The lady in the orange hat has my heart, but I do love the standout chic of the turbans..wish I could carry one off. A celebration of individuality. What a relief x

  4. Fashion Mayann

    I particularly like the 6th look because she makes me think of Pierrot or any other Commedia dell’arte’s character ! How inspiring, especially as I’m watching models getting younger and younger on the Milan catwalks ! XXX