Into the Night..


Take a look behind the curtain…photos from AW14 after-show Paris party scene..


A walk on the wild side from the safety of your computer screen..


(I can only hope this photo has been photoshopped.  I don’t think my boobs were ever like that…let alone whilst dancing..)


And then you start to think..there’s no colour, it’s not very chic…black and white dominates…It’s as if anti-fashion is the name of the game for fear of putting a foot wrong…which feels like the beast is eating itself from the inside out.


There are the exceptions.  Little tasters.


But they’re an oddity rather than the rule (Loving that handle!)


(All photos by Maxime Ballesteros,

Between you and me..I think it’s best to dream about what it’s like..I suspect we had more fun at the school quiz!!

Laters, Kate x


    • Maison Bentley Style

      I think that’s dream about going to an event like this..but when you get there people are all to worried and act like they’ve got pokers up their bottoms! (maybe not the best comment to pass onto you!!..but you get my drift!) xxxx

  1. redlipstickmama

    It reminds me of this night out in the Meatpacking district aka Models central and I was being loud, was dancing like I was doing some speed Pilates and spilling Cosmo everywhere and wondering why the bar was so quiet. That s when I realized all women were dressed like they were being the life of the party but in reality were posing as they were on the cover of Vogue. Silent. Pout. Stomach in. And because I have a tendency of being an obnoxious drunk, I kept saying ‘this so BORING!!’ Almost got kicked out of the bar. Hahaha