The Star Stella Jean.. x


Here we go! The vibrant, eclectic, charismatic Collection from Stella Jean AW14..


Full of bohemian chic, Stella Jean draws her inspiration from her two diametrically opposite cultures.


The Wax material represents her maternal roots – her Creole heritage from Haiti, the first independent black republic in the world.



The stripes stand for her father, Italy, Turin and convention.


More than a simple apology on behalf of competing factions, she sucks the marrow from both to create a diversity that is utterly thrilling as it weaves and wefts together.

_KIM3306.450x675 _KIM3598.450x675

She dances away from the Dinner party generality that has rather bled our souls of colour.

_KIM3658.450x675 _KIM3680.450x675

Till the cold tug of winter has been burnt away.

_KIM3752.450x675 _KIM3826.450x675

So elegantly put’s about embracing what you love and living life to the full.

Laters, Kate x


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