General Mayhem..


This is what I normally do on a engrossing, soul-enhancing, spirit-lifting art class in the sanctuary of a wooden hut on the green, leafy, quiet Common..


Today, this is my reality…it’s half term…so I’m at home..with the kids..and we’re working (??)(*&^%^%$£@!..hindering??) on a Top Secret project..which always seems like such a good idea in the abstract…

IMG_0907 IMG_0906 IMG_0905

 A happy worker!


 I’ve now learnt that black gloss, children and white, blind dogs really don’t mix…pray for me..and my floors..and possibly my sanity..

Laters, Kate x


  1. .virginia.romo.

    You are fearless, girl: Those carpets and floors and you let children to black paint! And your secret project seems to be a huge thing. Fearless. I say. Congratulations!

  2. Lia in Brussels

    Your floors will become your secret project! Thankfully you still got your blind guardian but… hey!… I thought I saw a black one… what d’ya mean white dog?? … xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Sometimes I question my intelligence!! But we did get there in the end…it’s all for an event on will no doubt follow at some point..but I am sooooo glad they’re finished! xxx

  3. fabrickated

    My mother always said “Your house will still be there when your children have gone”. It’s true you can always get new carpets. But if your kids associate you with fun, trust me, they always come back.