Edun Mark 2 x


The most attractive thing is always talent.

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Danielle Sherman Creative Director of Edun is, season by season creating and expanding the visual language of this ethical label.


Building it block by block – the inspiration Africa, the journey a clear path: Her palette is clean, simple and continuous which means that like the materials she uses, pieces can be woven together.


Take her SS14 Collection..everything can be seamlessly added as an extra, rich layer – more shapes to play with.  More weather changes to adapt to. It’s clever, it’s thoughtful. It’s sustainable in your wardrobe.


She answers ‘Who am I?’ before ‘What shall I buy?


And 85% of the this Season was made in Africa.


Unlike Karl, Danielle gets the sneaker aesthetic to perfection.


Simple but with intelligent, creative twists – a juxtaposition here, the unexpected there.  She’s not trendy..she’s effortless.

Laters, Kate x


  1. pernillelunde

    This is a new designer for me, thank you for introducing me. I love the way sneakers go effortlessly with all of these pieces. It’s a very special every day look I feel. Xx

  2. jackiemallon

    It takes a long languid girl to rock all those layers and textures but I appreciate what she’s doing even if I won’t run out and buy. The line needed rejuvenation and she’s surely stepping up. Love the fact that she’s producing in Africa, hopefully providing manufacturing opportunities whereas recently we have just stolen from Africa without giving anything back. I think their line is unique in what they stand for so brava!

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  4. Lia in Brussels

    So you don’t like Karl’s sneaker aesthetic, hey? I love what he did (still doing) for Chanel but I must admit his sneakers are an acquired taste… the styling here, au contraire, is just brilliant, I agree… xxx