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Edun is the ethical fashion label founded by Ali Hewson and Bono in 2005.  Their vision is to build long-term sustainable growth opportunities in Africa by supporting the manufacturing process and building community initiatives in the country.  Danielle Sherman was named Creative Director in April 2013 and these incandescent pics are cherry-picked from her first Collection which debuted in New York Fashion Week in September.


The provocativeness is in the simplicity: Simple palette, simple patterns, simple shapes – the mixing it up is where the awesomeness happens.

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J’adore and want.

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It’s fluid, it’s refreshing: Justification takes on a new dimension and skilfully skewers the message home…You don’t have to pretend not to care.

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For Spring 2014 they want 85% of the Edun Collection to be produced in Sub Saharan Africa and they’ve been travelling to Africa for more inspiration.

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They truly believe they can hit the wall and make a dent.  So do I, and I personally can’t wait to see what they do next..Roll on February!

Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    I am loving the mosaic (wicker) pattern of the crop tops (vests) and cropped jacket. The wrap skirts are gorgeous, too. I always thought Edun as a more casual brand (T-shirts). I will have to look, again.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Thank reminded me I hadn’t made a link to their website – worth clicking through to as it starts off with a video of the catwalk in progress and you get to see how the clothes move. I get the feeling things have got a lot more serious since Danielle Sherman was appointed. That leather work is just stunning..and the way the sizes of the patterns compliment each other? Some of the chicest monochrome I have seen.. xxx

  2. holzfeder

    Fully in love with patterns as I am right now, and identifying absolutely with the black and white combination: what could I say? Iove it! I hope they success and can make a difference for Africa. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. jackiemallon

    Things are certainly a-changing over at Edun. Hope this new aesthetic sticks as it’s much more fashion forward. I always thought their name was a perfect example of branding. Nude spelt backwards. Wish I could be as clever as that using just one four letter word!

  4. Laura Lynn

    Those monochromes and print match ups are spectacular! I’d wear the whole collection! Can you imagine having some of those pieces to mix and match? I’d be in heaven! I swear I’d throw out everything I own just so I wouldn’t be tempted to wear anything else.

  5. fashionassist

    The silhouettes + prints are fabulous…
    adore them in black + white–très chic!
    And the photos of those carved, mammoth wooden doors…
    pure architectural beauty!!