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Delightfully Different..

Antonio_Marras _001_1366.683x1024

There’s so much to love in Antonio Marras’s 2015 Resort Collection..

Antonio_Marras _002_1366.683x1024

Embracing vintage concepts without the slightest hint of a costume: A-line cuts, boxy shapes, explosive prints with pop art polka dots and bubble gum pink all mashed together with culottes, cropped tops and ugly shoes.

Antonio_Marras _005_1366.683x1024


It’s like eating the perfect four-course  French meal with your fingers in an American Diner whilst wearing a bikini and a smile.

Antonio_Marras _003_1366.683x1024Antonio_Marras _008_1366.683x1024

 The creepers are a joy.

Antonio_Marras _011_1366.683x1024

 A touchingly aware cosmopolitan cocktail of ideas beautifully edged in black.

Antonio_Marras _025_1366.683x1024

There’s a sense it will fit any body type: skimming, flaring and flattering, moving with giggles and grace.

Antonio_Marras _026_1366.683x1024

 A homogenous slickness of wearability.

Antonio_Marras _034_1366.683x1024


It’s the clothes you’ve always wanted to shop for with that magic touch of satisfaction:  you’ll look different…and you’ll look good.


Laters, Kate x

Ugly Shoes?


Travellers with backpacks for wardrobes have been some of the best dressed people I’ve ever seen.  What little they have has to be chosen with care – practical and loved, worn-in with just that touch of flair and imagination.  And Birkenstocks make the ideal travelling shoe – invincible, hardwearing – slide them on and off – or leave them on – for dodgy showers and floors. So I can understand their growing popularity: over the years they’ve earnt their fashion stripes the hard way (although Birks with fur aka Celine will never have my heart) But sadly the molded Birk sole never fitted my feet rendering them painful, heavy, clunky and useless – it’s not a look I’ll be signing up to any time soon.  But these shoes by Tods? Ignore the price-tag and I’d be there like a shot..

Laters, Kate x