Ugly Shoes?


Travellers with backpacks for wardrobes have been some of the best dressed people I’ve ever seen.  What little they have has to be chosen with care – practical and loved, worn-in with just that touch of flair and imagination.  And Birkenstocks make the ideal travelling shoe – invincible, hardwearing – slide them on and off – or leave them on – for dodgy showers and floors. So I can understand their growing popularity: over the years they’ve earnt their fashion stripes the hard way (although Birks with fur aka Celine will never have my heart) But sadly the molded Birk sole never fitted my feet rendering them painful, heavy, clunky and useless – it’s not a look I’ll be signing up to any time soon.  But these shoes by Tods? Ignore the price-tag and I’d be there like a shot..

Laters, Kate x


  1. holzfeder

    Thank you for linking to your Celine sandal post! It was really funny. Especially the sandal you suggested at the end, a revolutionary thing put in the right hands 🙂

  2. NikkiM

    I’m a flatly girl! I love these sandals! I’m pretty tall and therefor I don’t wear high heals needless to say I still look at them with longing eyes!

  3. thechicbrownchick

    One of the things about being naturally tall is that I don’t have to wear heels! I am always wearing flats and I believe that these will be next on my shopping list 🙂

  4. Scott Mackenzie

    Hmm. Not really a Birkenstock Fan. And for some reason I don’t like sandals or shoes that match skin tones very much. But I also either wear either my favorite kicks or go barefoot..So..LOL

  5. Kristele Ng Man Sun

    LOL… your post about the Birks is so funny!!! I had exactly the same reaction!! And the Birkenstocks don’t suit my feet either! Always been wondering how come others find it so comfy when they hurt mine like hell! 🙂 Have a beautiful Sunday!

  6. Julia

    For pounding the pavement in the summer in NYC I’m always looking for a shoe with a great sole. Sadly I had the same experience with my one and only Birkenstocks. A very expensive mistake. Rather would have spent it on something more stylish like the shoe you have here.

  7. katdesigner

    Hmmm when I saw your post on my phone I got very excited you are just about to show some great outdoorsy boots and then you showed this cute little pair of sandals. Hmmm I am afraid I am not convinced they could bare me as a owner. I would be too harsch to them. 😦