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Delightfully Different..

Antonio_Marras _001_1366.683x1024

There’s so much to love in Antonio Marras’s 2015 Resort Collection..

Antonio_Marras _002_1366.683x1024

Embracing vintage concepts without the slightest hint of a costume: A-line cuts, boxy shapes, explosive prints with pop art polka dots and bubble gum pink all mashed together with culottes, cropped tops and ugly shoes.

Antonio_Marras _005_1366.683x1024


It’s like eating the perfect four-course  French meal with your fingers in an American Diner whilst wearing a bikini and a smile.

Antonio_Marras _003_1366.683x1024Antonio_Marras _008_1366.683x1024

 The creepers are a joy.

Antonio_Marras _011_1366.683x1024

 A touchingly aware cosmopolitan cocktail of ideas beautifully edged in black.

Antonio_Marras _025_1366.683x1024

There’s a sense it will fit any body type: skimming, flaring and flattering, moving with giggles and grace.

Antonio_Marras _026_1366.683x1024

 A homogenous slickness of wearability.

Antonio_Marras _034_1366.683x1024


It’s the clothes you’ve always wanted to shop for with that magic touch of satisfaction:  you’ll look different…and you’ll look good.


Laters, Kate x