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Stunning Storets x


This is a new label for me: Storets (based in the States, but they do free shipping, even internationally for any purchases over $75) Their USP sings a happy siren song: Interesting fashion with a feminine element that won’t break the bank.

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Prices are roughly $60 – $150..but they look a million dollars – like straight off a red hot catwalk with the cats licking their paws to cool them down.

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The only downside is – and this could be due to the season winding down – when I looked, the only sizes available were small. Maybe that’s how they keep their prices so low..


I can only hope they expand. In more ways than one.

Laters, Kate x

Bargain Hunting..

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The wonderful Toast are having a brilliant sale..particularly their ‘Archive‘ section – true bargains..if it’s in your size, snap it up..I got my denim Chore coat at more then half price and I’m delighted with it..Not sure it was the wisest thing to take to Greece, but I couldn’t bear to leave it behind..and coming back to the UK could be cold, couldn’t it?


Laters, Kate x

More Than Words..



If clothes were a vibe then Raquel Allegra would be the coolest place in town.


 But then who else would start their fashion line upcycling tees from the Los Angeles County Jail?


Her clothes have an unmistakable air of off-duty model louche looks: They don’t have to be flattering just capture the mood..and they do that with effortless beauty.


They say when I’m comfortable in my clothes, I’m confident in my life.


(There’s also her love of tie-dye..I have two more batches in the dye bath as I type..)


Her work has an honesty and integrity: She’s prepared to get her hands dirty.  She says: ‘At an early age my creative heart was broken around creative expression: It kind of shut me off to the possibility of dreams.  It’s really sad..but I didn’t think there was anything other than retail for me in my life..I feel very lucky to have found design, particularly in the way that I did.’


The clothes echo who she is – very connected, very personal..you want to know her and be part of her world.


 ‘I don’t believe you have to be anything but what you are. Be kind to people, and do what you believe in. I don’t believe in competition. I don’t believe in being mean. I believe in helping other people. I certainly couldn’t be here without other people helping me. What it really comes down to is your heart. Follow the light bulb in your head that says this is where you belong. This is what makes you happy.’

 Amen to that.

Laters, Kate x