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Yesterday was spent teaching a group of friends (I’m a rep for Charlie’s class) how to shibori tie-dye. It’s something I love to do with its heady mixture of deep indigo, spontaneity, freedom and promise.



I’ve posted about it before (here) but this year was a little bit different/lessons learnt – the scarfs are longer (2m – possibly the perfect length) and the dye is a new one: If you’re making a large dye bath with the more commonly used Dylon, it’s hard to keep the solution warm so I went for a procion dye that works with cold water (it’s the dye they use for batik dying) and it produced excellent results.  If you want more info on dyes and techniques, check out this website  (makes me wish I lived in Bognor)..this is a brilliant craft for kids in the summer..and imagine on duvet covers, sheets..or even larger pieces of furniture! Bella spent her evening after school dying..socks!


Gloves are always useful..


This may be old school..but it’s still the best.

Laters, Kate x

The Underworld x


The hunt for the perfect wallpaper goes on.  One group of designs that would’ve be way off the radar a few years ago but are ticking the boxes now are the tie-dye patterns.


There’s something about the way they repeat that looks so natural and realistic..as if they’re not repeating at all.  Which, let’s face it,  has to be a good thing…


Or maybe it’s the memories of a happy summer’s day in the garden.


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(All pics Pinterest)

They’re probably more suited to a bathroom or bedroom than a cellar…but there’s just something about them..

Laters, Kate x

More Than Words..



If clothes were a vibe then Raquel Allegra would be the coolest place in town.


 But then who else would start their fashion line upcycling tees from the Los Angeles County Jail?


Her clothes have an unmistakable air of off-duty model louche looks: They don’t have to be flattering just capture the mood..and they do that with effortless beauty.


They say when I’m comfortable in my clothes, I’m confident in my life.


(There’s also her love of tie-dye..I have two more batches in the dye bath as I type..)


Her work has an honesty and integrity: She’s prepared to get her hands dirty.  She says: ‘At an early age my creative heart was broken around creative expression: It kind of shut me off to the possibility of dreams.  It’s really sad..but I didn’t think there was anything other than retail for me in my life..I feel very lucky to have found design, particularly in the way that I did.’


The clothes echo who she is – very connected, very personal..you want to know her and be part of her world.


 ‘I don’t believe you have to be anything but what you are. Be kind to people, and do what you believe in. I don’t believe in competition. I don’t believe in being mean. I believe in helping other people. I certainly couldn’t be here without other people helping me. What it really comes down to is your heart. Follow the light bulb in your head that says this is where you belong. This is what makes you happy.’

 Amen to that.

Laters, Kate x

I Dyed.. x


Like the lifespan of a butterfly, the summer term is flying to it’s end.  For Bella’s class it’s quite a poignant time as her year get re-mixed into different classes for September so after three years together it’s a real time of change.  As a little hurrah for the mums of her 2B class I held a Shibori tie-dye day..with all the essentials….


Joy of joys..the sun shone!


Is that a stick I see before me?


Our patriotic dye bath..previously used for mixing concrete for the patio.  The union jacks come from cut up passport covers from the 99p shop – they were perfect for holding the material in place to create the square shaped tie-dye pattern.


The magic starts when you unwrap..it’s a bit like Christmas..you have no idea what they’re going to be like..


But the results were pretty spectacular!


Each one different and unique!  My washing line has never looked so cool!


OMG – It actually looks like the tutorial photo!

IMG_1085 IMG_1060 IMG_1061 IMG_1059


This beauty was the result of ‘stick’..it’s like looking up at the sea whilst diving..


Now I have the kids home and dying everything in sight! But honestly, I can’t blame them..it’s addictive..for a wonderful day with friends, it’s surprisingly easy, wonderfully effective and thoroughly recommended!

Laters, kate x

Stunning Shibori..


(From Fausto Puglisi Resort 2015)

There’s a quiet revolution happening which originally had it’s routes in Japanese culture but for me will always sing of the seventies: Shibori tie dying.. fausto-puglisi-resort-2015-runway-22_190041947072

(From Fausto Puglisi Resort 2015)

But now it’s far removed from flower garlands and hippy communes and is steadily seeping it’s way onto the catwalk..


(From Fausto Puglisi Resort 2015)


 Even Michael Kors Resort 2015 can’t resist..


From MiH jeans who have a particularly fine range this season all in glorious indigos.

But the joy is this is something that anyone can do  – especially with inspiration and advice available all over the web:

I love this video..I want to be there and play!

shibori30 One of the best written tutorials I’ve found is this one from Honestlywtf, making all sorts of shapes and techniques look utterly effortless and astonishingly beautiful..imagine these as individual napkins on a summer table… denimtiedye81

Or doing these techniques on a dark denim shirt with bleach instead of dye?? And I’ve just looked….and Honesltywtf have a tutorial for that as well!

Suddenly I really, really want to get my hands dirty….

Laters, Kate x