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Thank you Dievca x


In response to my post about Mark Champkin’s flower lights, the lovely Dievca sent me a link to Studio Drift’s Shylights at the Rijks Museum in Holland. I’m so grateful because they are a wonder to behold…

02-drift-shylight c1a16b649e18d5a06c3e5cf29bc7b6c5

I thoroughly recommend watching the film they made during the making process: The attention to detail, the care…the joy.

Laters, Kate x

Badge of Honour..


When something is highlighted as a major trend is it already too late to embrace it as true fashion condemned a follower rather than an adventurer?..


Does the fact something is popular reduce it currency, making it smaller, grubbier..repetitive?


Can it become overused..or liberated?


With stripes there’s a reason it nags away at you, an appeal, an intrinsic quality passed down through nature and the centuries..


Like it?


Then take it and turn it into a world a possibilities with courageous style.

ace98a15d412661e0c4966b945bee759(All photos from Pinterest)

Because there’s always room to negotiate a different way…

Laters, Kate x