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H-two-Oh! x


Caroline Herrera Fall 2015 will never be an out & out rock chic heroine..but Caroline Herrera is still a heroine.


There’s no slip and slide on an outrageous avantgarde walk of the wild. This is soft, respectful and poetic with a sense of attentive stillness and clever touches.


There’s so much to appreciate with her now seemingly old-fashioned stance of taking a theme like water, and milking all the inspiration from it: transforming, transfiguring, transmogrifying. With the materials chosen taking as much precedence as the silhouettes.


Where she needs it, the tone is strong and textural, adding a mean streak with a flash of red and killer-pointed shoes..

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Or paired right back: Reflections on water at sunset..


Or snow on a frozen lake: Simplicity and peaceful fragility…(and a rather stunning wedding dress)..

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(All photos Style.com)

Cultivated, charming and full of quality – it’s a commanding performance with an impressive range, always offering an underlying sense of knowledge and calm in a world too full of dragonflies..

Laters, Kate x

Coach Journey..


NYFW is in full force with a royal gallimaufry (look it up) of offerings, each screaming for attention.  But sometimes it’s the unexpected that catches the roving eye.  This is Coach..a brand I normally associate with tan and handbags..


But these are tough, potent clothes designed for attitude with a modern, fit-for-combat edge, ready to fight the worst of the winter weather with chutzpah and style whilst keeping enemies at bay.


And there’s a duffel..accessorised with a bandana.  What’s not to love?

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These shoes nail the bitch sentiment…hard nosed, no-nonsense but with just a subtle sprinkling of fairy dust with their glowing gold and cheeky tassel. Never thought you’d like a kitten heel? Look again..


(All photos from Style.com)

This is functional dressing with eclectic additions, it’s hard and seductive, frank and forthright with an awareness of what’s happening…but a determination to strut their own path.


I’ll have some of that..

Laters, Kate x

Stepping Forward x


Fashion: It doesn’t have to be flattering – just capture a mood.  But sometimes it does both.


Derek Lam 10 Crosby SS15 with it’s efficient dynamic of form translated into movement is grounded in the classics..but then given wings..



Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_006_1366.683x1024 Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_007_1366.683x1024

It’s the details that do the talking..the cut of a sleeve, the place of a pocket…it’s a perfectionists attitude fused with giddy moments of occasional laughter..

Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_012_1366.683x1024 Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_001_1366.683x1024

 ( All pictures from Style.com)

It’s authentic, wearable and timeless with a clever nod to the memorably wearable..

Laters, Kate x