Insouciance Celebrated x

m-636-1751-44432-ufiE9AsqN8nH Rosie Assoulin is the new darling on the fashion block and it’s easy to see why with her first 2014 Resort Collection.  More cunning, less solemn with a louche swagger that leaps off the page and into the first passing wardrobe..

m-636-1751-44422-bawkqw8rDUaw I could wear this, knock people’s socks off and still eat lunch. Result.


Sharp timing, yet oodles of time.

m-636-1751-44424-BiZOeU1U7LzFBlock colours with contrasting avant-garde shapes. Unconventional, succulent and impressively’s a joy to see that sexy doesn’t have to equal fitted to within an inch of respiration.  Case in point..but topical..the women tennis players at Wimbledon..


Beautiful, fit girls in their prime…wearing figure hugging clothing that reflects back every lump, bump and bra-strap…loose is imagination..even slightly loose is an optical illusion in progress.

m-636-1751-44414-gyFHH8ESmEfIGive me a secret hint that impresses with personality and promise any day of the week.

Laters, Kate x


  1. vintageattitude

    Classy….love the black trouser in block colour…..You are right about the fitted clothing. So many mature women still in those tube dresses and thinking they can work it…..they can’t !

  2. Fashion Mayann

    Avant-garde shapes are gorgeous (I particularly love the exquisitely draped dress of the last photo) ! Thanks for your sweet comment about the Tour de France ! XXX

  3. Laura Lynn

    Love all of them! What an inspiration for today. Last night at the July 3rd Street Fair I saw short shorts and tight everything else. Didn’t know where to look!

  4. J.M. Galvin

    The last dress made me gasp. Love that color palette and dress silhouette.It kind of reminds me of a yummy summer popsicle. Delicious. xo