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The Wear-Anywhere-Coat x


Taste is shaped by an assortment of interconnected influences one of which has to be nostalgia and that warm, inner glow of special memories. Which was the burning catalyst that drove Alexander Stutterheim  to design his first rain coat: He wanted to capture the essence of his Grandfather, an incredible man who not only managed a big theatre in Stockholm and wrote poetry in his spare time, but who would go to sea, defying the worst weather conditions mother nature could throw at him to catch fish (or life, as he said).  When Alexander found one of his Grandfather’s old fishing coats in a out-building he was compelled to resurrect it as a personal homage to his memory.


Rainwear as an individual concept has long been swallowed up by giants of sportswear with most of the production now based at big factories far away.  But that’s not what Alexander wanted, instead he took his prototype to the last standing textile factory in Sweden in the small town of Boras to Johan Kall, the manager and his seamstresses for their skill, craftsmanship and individual attention to detail.


The coats are a fabulous design – discreet, classic timeless cuts, the seams are all taped and sealed and each coat is signed and numbered by the seamstress who made it as a mark of honour and integrity.

skjorta rain-23-609x430

They are coats to wear in the country, in stormy weather, at sea..or even in the City.  And still be well dressed. Coats that are made to live and last a lifetime.


The hardest decision is choosing what colour..

stockholm-kobolt3 stockholm-green3 stockholm-vinrod stutterheim_yellow2 sthlm_orange_1

It’s the husbands birthday coming up and I think it could be the perfect present: Made to stand both the test of time and weather all storms with passion, authenticity and love.  Sometimes it’s not just about what you want to wear but also who you want to be.

And sometimes something comes along that ticks all the boxes. Just like him really.

Laters, Kate x

The Sapeurs.. xxx


Suave and sophisticated, the title Sapeur comes from la SAPE, an abbreviation of Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes – The Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People. Over the past twenty five years it’s emerged as a brightly coloured African subculture inspired by the myth of Parisian elegance and Dandyism.


Mostly centred around Brazzaville and Kinshasa, the adjacent Capitals of the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo respectively, the Sapeurs cultivate their refined gentility amid their countries war-torn, extreme poverty.


But despite this nations history, Sapeurs are pacifists – for them style is about being respectful with a pure attitude and impeccable manners.


Creativity is paramount – although many will spend whatever they have on clothes,  it’s not about the money, it’s about style and being flamboyant in oneself, despite the circumstances.


(All the pictures above by Baudouin Mouanda)

They are ordinary people, with ordinary jobs who break free by transforming their dusty pavements into fabulous fashion runways. But the truth is these characters are teachers, creatures of spirit with a powerful, requisite flair and passion.


(Photo by Hector Mediavilla)

Sharp and sly, like poetry in motion with their hearts turned to the sun, they demand that there can be great riches in small spaces..their irresistible sense of pride says you can be whatever you want to be…and sometimes we all need that fairytale.

The Congolese Sape

(Photo by Hector Mediavilla)

A very short documentary – worth watching! x

To those that say their style is part of a legacy of cultural imperialism and a post-colonial carry-over they say:

‘White people invented the clothes..but we turned them into an art form’

Personally, I doff my bright yellow trilby to them.

Laters, Kate x