I dress, therefore I am..

NYFW SS14 has me firmly in it’s silken claw as I follow the extremely confident, the almost normal and the not in the least excessive…

hbz-nyfw-ss12-street-style-03-lgn(Mira Duma, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr Newton)

But as well as indulging in the theatre of the runways I desperately want to turn the camera and see what the exclusive, lucky audience is also wearing.

hbz-nyfw-ss12-street-style-01-lgn(Zanna Roberts-Rossi, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr.Newton)

A moment of voyerism to catch them doing exactly what nature dictates a human in that position should do..eye-up everyone else..whilst pretending they’re far too cool to do anything as possibly crass.


(Leandra Medine, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr Newton)

I’m enjoying the intrigue of the public versus the publicity..since the inner circle of secrecy of the Collections was broken by the unrepentant and immediate exposure on the internet, all attendees are touched by magic dust too and have become ‘models’ in their own right, their pictures just as sought after..

hbz-steet-style-nyfw-091211-06-lgn(Caroline Issa, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

And what’s more important? Looking at what the people are wearing today, this moment..or concentrating on something you won’t be able to see or hold for another 6 months?
hbz-steet-style-nyfw-091211-08-lgn(Carine Roitfeld, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

The internet, digital cameras, streaming..the Collections are out there before you can blink and dancing in cyberspace. But they’re out of date.  Even if it’s a future date.

hbz-steet-style-nyfw-091211-09-lgn(Maria Duenas, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

The 6 month time delay seems to only work for printed media, giving them time to plan articles and editorials…but how relevant are the mags now?


(Anna Dello Russo and Giovanna Battaglia, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

And the time certainly gives the High Street a heads up to replicate ideas and bleed the genuine talent dry.

hbz-nyfw-street-style-091012-06-lgn(Leandra Medine, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

Is it a case of upbringing and this is the way it is always done?

hbz-street-style-nyfw-090612-03-lgn(Leandra Medine, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

Who knows..but it seems strange for creatives renown for rebels, fallen angels and pushing boundaires to be part of a ‘pack’ mentality themselves.

hbz-nyfw-day-1-ss-04-lgn(Susie Bubble, Harper’s Bazaar, photo by Mr. Newton)

So who will fight for creative freedom? Do they want it?

Laters, Kate x


  1. vintageattitude

    This is a hot topic at the moment. Good piece in The Times yesterday about pressure on designers to come up with inspiration for up to 10 collections a year now. We are possibly losing that cutting edge?!! Since the loss of Galliano and McQueen I find myself slightly bored with the shows….which is something I always looked forward to…..and I don’t care who is on the front row either!!!……Well that got that off my chest! Xx

    • MasonBentley

      Do a SS14 show and turn up with…AW13 that’s available and ready to sell NOW!..I do feel this industry needs to embrace the modern world we are in.. xxx

      • skytash

        I love that idea, wouldn’t want to be the production manager who has be ready to produce 10,000 items (or not) depending on the reaction to the show…

      • MasonBentley

        It would mean a whole change in gearing..but why not? As a brand we are meant to be up to AW14, which meant on launch we needed 3 collections up our sleeves which is virtually impossible. Again there is a yin and a yan – to have everything so far in advance means there’s a lot of planning and preparation..but where’s the spontaneity? It runs the risk that what is done isn’t relevant..it genuinely feels a dated model xxx

  2. notasinfashion

    I love the street style fashion! It is such a source of amazing inspiration! That’s is something that I will love to do, just go out there and photograph these beautiful girls and their gorgeous style!

  3. Fashion Mayann

    Seeing Carine Roitfeld wearing trousers is so rare ! As much as I love fashion shows, it’s always so exciting to see streetstyle pictures (the ones taken at NYFW are always my favorites !). What a great entertaining and intelligent post ! XXX

    • MasonBentley

      It’s a real conundrum..because away from the hype of the shows and looking at the photos on my computer..the street style get my vote every time – maybe because it’s like houses..I’ve always liked interiors with a mix of modern and old..maybe the runway is just too much a concentration of one style? Maybe we should have shared catwalks? – imagine the creative fights over that! xxx

  4. silky1way

    ahhhhh…. I am in love with the simple look of Carine Roitfeld because of the blouse. Great inspiration for me: a silk lover, who is allways looking for new pattern/Ideas for silk blouses. My fabric storeroom ist full of silk fabrics waiting to emerge in something special.

  5. Laura Lynn

    Hmmm, it seems to me that all those women are dressed in the latest style as dictated by the runways. I don’t see the innovation you are all talking about. To me, street style can be found in universities, bars, concerts and behind the counter of your local espresso shop. It is found on regular people, not on the habitués of fashion week. I, personally, LOVE fashion week. I love seeing the pretty things I will never ever wear. Ever. Money, sure. It’s an issue. But more of an issue is the fact that they still use furs and skins, they still encourage conspicuous consumption and the models and designers still only design for the thin, young and beautiful. None of which I encourage. As taught and embraced by my generation. But I love to look…Gawd. Does that make me a hypocrite?

    • MasonBentley

      Street style..I confess the term was used in it’s looses sense..I do agree – the best ‘street style’ is those that have style with nothing, just because they have ‘it’. But I think what appeals about these people in a ‘street style’ sense is the pressure they are under to be ‘it’ and whether they can they rise to the occasion, particularly given their freedom/availability to pick and choose. I also find it distinctly odd that the optimum of design is for the thin and young..are rich people all thin? Are they all young? Why do we insist on buying into this myth time and time again..do we still want to buy into a fantasy that much? I would love to know the demographic of the women who can afford to buy designer…I’m sure they are not all teenagers.. xxx

  6. longandluxe

    Ah, the freedom of expression and experiment!! Makes me think of being a young girl playing “dress up” in just whatever I could find, before I could read or understand labels. I just loved the swoosh of a swingy skirt as I twirled or the impossible dip of a fine feathered hat. Those were the most magical of times because imagination ran gloriously wild and judgment, pressure, and comparisons never entered my mind or heart. Isn’t that what we are forever yearning for . . . again?! Thank you for a provocative post! xo

  7. winniethefashionista

    Street style…So much creativity! As much as photographers go to FW for the designers, street style is an enchanting phenomenon.*sigh* It must be a great feeling to be engulfed in it all… 🙂 I love this piece.

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