More Stairs..Because..


The main kilim has arrived!

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And the one for the very top of the’s amazing how much carpet you need for a flight of stairs..over 5 meters. The idea is to sew these all together to make one long run.


Someone asked the other day if I was worried that they weren’t official stair carpets.  It highlighted the fact that we’re a generation brought up on hype and brand –  instead of seeing products for what they are we now believe we need a specific shampoo for almost blonde hair or a cleaner for our pink toilets.  It’s all clever labelling and marketing just to part us from our hard earned cash because the truth is, as soon as these carpets are fitted to the stairs, that’s what they become.

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This is the final one to add to the patchwork…I’d post a picture of what they all look like but I’m still effing suffering from f*&*ing problems with the cr*p software update that Apple has inflicted on my s*dding computer: Another modern disease…built in obsolescence: updating what already works just because you can and to make more money. I need to become a hippy.


Laters, Kate x


  1. estherchandler

    Love these and totally agree with you about specialised products! However I do remember my parents once had a carpet fitted on the stairs where the pile had a slight direction on it – and it was fitted so that the pile faced down the stairs which meant we all had a few slide-y trips. Whoops! Might be worth looking closely before you stitch these together and fit them just in case 🙂