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An Update: House etc..


Yesterdays fascinator experiment went well..I was thinking of you Julie (hattitude) as we marshalled in the sinamay into shape! Could’ve done with your skill!!


No real finished ones to reveal yet..(the first official creative coffee is on Wednesday) but I think we’re a bit more prepared..


(It’s great stuff just to let loose and play with..I recommend it.)


On the house front, there’s no longer a broken neck risk checking out the cellar…we now have stairs!..


Upstairs…could that actually be a sink in the kitchen??!


To the unknowing eye, this all just looks like mismatched piles of wood..

IMG_7995 IMG_8002

To me, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel..(even knowing, once it’s made it’s coming out (sob!) to be painted (and so the floor can go down))..but this is pure progress. We may even have a working bin soon – the excitement, the luxury!

Laters, Kate x

Hats Off…


It’s the trial run today for our termly creative coffee morning for the mum’s in Charlie’s class…we’re making fascinators to be worn at our class party the following week. ¬†Cross your fingers – I’ve only ever been a pupil before, never the teacher, hence the need for a few guinea pigs, but I was treated to a class just before Christmas….and found it fascinating…here’s hoping for luscious lilly’s..


The odd rose…or two..

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Big bows for those that want..


And just letting imaginations run free…

Pics to follow…

Laters, Kate x