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The Sitting Room x


In the normal run of things, you look at a room, decide it needs a spruce and decorate it knowing the context surrounding it.  A renovation is slightly different – you tend to think of each room as individuals and forget how they link together.  It’s what’s concerning me about our sitting room.

The original choice was for it to be a green as it leads into the garden, merging them together.


And there are some gorgeous greens out there.


But vaguely rational part of brain said ‘it’s leading from dark grey..’


And then I was drawn to blues, deep, dark, inky blues…resist, I thought – stick to leaves and plants.  But the pull was there.  And kept coming back. So compromise stepped in – use the midnight blue in the cellar where light doesn’t matter.  Which seemed like good thinking.


Except I can’t resist the bluey teals that are dominating my Pinterest page.

I laugh that our home might be a cave.  But I’m starting to think it really might be…

Laters, Kate x