Self-Portrait x


I’m in the running for a posh frock because sometimes you need an outfit that ramps it up a little for life’s big events.  The skill is finding that special something that won’t then die and lie discarded like an unwanted snake skin in the dark recesses of a wardrobe, festering with the pungent smell of a wasted fortune.

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Self-Portrait, based in London and led by designer Han Chong lives and breathes those type of slightly exotic pieces..the ones that turn heads but can then be bundled into a suitcase and worn with a pair of battered (as in old, not fried…) flip-flops in the summer sunshine on a sandy beach..

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He’s also keen to marry contemporary design with affordable prices, which floats my boat..and his attention to detail is impressive.


(All pics Self-Portrait and Pinterest)

Modern with a fit-for-combat edge, it’s a label that still manages to be feminine, graceful..and most importantly..very desirable..

Laters, Kate x