O Christmas Tree!

IMG_0166 At least the tree is up! (And looking rather splendid in it’s new position in the bay window.  Was it worth it? Give me another 48 hours and I’ll let you know…)

IMG_0164 IMG_0154 With it’s assortment of memories..this one bought when Bella was born.

IMG_0157 This  from our life in Italy.

IMG_0163This was lovingly made at nursery by Charlie.

IMG_0158My Bella.

IMG_0161 IMG_0162Our homemade pasta and cranberry garlands are still going strong after YEARS!

IMG_0159Heading out now to buy cellotape..and lots of candles..lots and lots…

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    How sumptuous !!! I like the idea of decorating it with memories that remind you of magical moments. And how awesome are these pasta and cranberry garlands !!! xxxx

  2. vintageattitude

    Memories are the center of Christmas…..not how much you can add to the overdraft! I take great pleasure in finding ‘treasures’ the kids made in years gone by when I dress the tree. Yours looks fabulous….of course xx

  3. fashionassist

    Awww, the beloved Christmas tree that so wonderfully displays our holiday treasures…
    every year its branches cradle the old + the new ; our precious {priceless} trinkets and baubles…
    there’s really nothing quite like it…
    Merry Christmas Kate, enjoy your gorgeous tree~ xo

  4. Miss Pip

    I just love Christmas Trees when they are filled with memories. Our house is bedazzled and bedecked with things the girls have made over the years! Aaaaah! Joy!
    You are on fire this month lady blogger! Loving the commitment and your work.
    Merry Festive Happy Tidings to you and yours!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      So easy!..my tip – put the pasta in a large air-tight plastic bag then spray into the bag and shake – turn out on cut-up bin bags to dry. I think the white spray paint with the pasta with grooves was the most successful. When we first did these we did popcorn garlands as well – very nice – but not great on the longevity ..good luck! xxx