Mr Who?


The lovely Afrow did a post on her brilliant Blog about Mr Hudson which I read/listened to with pleasure..I love both the song and the video

You can almost touch the subtly infused  David Bowie influences…and I want need that car, sigh…but butterfly brain that I am..I couldn’t help but think..

Unknown-1 Mr Hudson and Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea?

(yes, my guilty weekly secret pleasure) (though not Jamie it has to be said)

(For the uninitiated..a little taster..(sort of..))


Surely separated at birth??


I’m getting confused..Unknown-2I swear even the girl at the end of the Hudson video is Lucy Watson….

Laters, Kate x


  1. Lia in Brussels

    Here I plead not guilty!… but after a quick google image and watching the clip I don’t know who s who anymore! Cute song too, bit of an 80s tune and with a Bowie feel indeed. X

  2. Maison Bentley Style

    Oh not pollute your brain with the lowliness of this’s just they do wear some damn fine clothes..and my eyes remain on stalks for most of the episodes..and there just is something that pulls me in every time..but I should never, ever admit it! xxxxx but for you..I’ve added a clip or two x

  3. katdesigner

    I thought it was Jamie first time Iooked! I don’t know who Mr Hudson is yet… But can certainly say Jamie is not a boyfriend material… what is he doing this series so far… confused boy?!