Go Ape! x


We’ve been soaking up the joys of Hampshire spending a delightful Easter with relatives, eating and drinking far too much with lovely people we haven’t seen for a long time which is what life should be about.  On the last day we dragged ourselves away from the festivities to meet up with good friends to ‘Go Ape’ in the New Forest trees…


 Aged between 4 and 7 our kids were impressively fearless…


 Tackling high-wire tracks with gusto that had many adults swaying with pure terror..


The end reward was a huge zip line..(Charlie was NOT convinced it was a wise idea the first time round – he was persuaded by the staff to give it a go..loved it – and went back for more!)


 Sometimes you only realise how high they all were when you see the little things down below..


(Photo by Filip)IMG_0730 IMG_0731IMG_4186


(This photo by Filip)

Serious fun for all the family!

Except with every Yin there’s alway a Yan…like returning home to the joys of sorting the holiday laundry and getting everything ready for back-to-school ..this is what my Barometer of Life looks like today…


Pay back…

Laters, Kate x


  1. pernillelunde

    Looks like a fantastic holiday! We went to a similar climbing park here in Norway last summer. Great fun and beautiful pictures BTW! Good luck with the laundry 😉

    P.s. Any ideas of where to buy cheap espadrilles? On line? Got to have a go at designing my own pair. Xxx

  2. dievca

    This is where I feel superior….10 side-loading wash machines with 5 very large dryers, that work well…..Apartment living. XO
    A fabulous weekend!

  3. Fashion Mayann

    You make me want to try this fearless adventures (hey, I’m a monkey in Chinese astrology !) and wish I was as agile as your adorable little “chimps” ! xxxxx

  4. motherhendiaries

    Lovely piccies! I can almost feel the excitement (and the panic!) of watching my own little ones flying through the air…very nice, indeed!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I could see Charlie (4 year old – though 5 very soon) concentrating like MAD..I did think we’d have to rescue him, but he refused to come down and finish. The whole thing lasts an hour and they went round 3 times! xxx

  5. jackiemallon

    You guys are from an Enid Blyton novel. Famous Five Go Ziplining 🙂 Didn’t you give it a go, Kate? I did it once and had a laugh. Bella is nine feet tall and only 7! Boo party pooping laundry. Answer: go shopping for new things! XO!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      In my youth I’d have been there like a shot (sky diver/night scuba diver etc..literally knew no fear) but since children I’ve developed vertigo..I think I could’ve done it..but I didn’t want to put them off if I got the heebey jeebies! A quaking mum is not a happy sight! We did book before I saw it..and having seen it, I think I could’ve done it..maybe next time xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      The only restriction for the junior section was they had to be over 1 metre tall – for the adult section, children (!) had to be 10..but they absolutely loved it..I suspect we’ll be going back for more..Bella wants to take her big cousins next time! xxx