Black is the new white..

Despite the prospect of summer round the corner I am surprisingly gripped with the idea of turning our front sitting room into a cocoon of darkness..slate grey, deep navy..something with gravitas.  I love the way it makes other colours pop but still wants to hug you close..then the next room, the  kitchen a complete contrast: white n wood n marble with floor tiles from the previous post..

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A girls gotta dream.

(P.S How things change!)

Laters, Kate x


  1. Anonymous

    Don’t ignore your floors when picking a wall color! It’s a common mistake and the one that is the least forgiving. When we see a color in a magazine, we tend to overlook the second largest surface, the floor, and focus on the walls.
    Floors, regardless of material, have a color and there are many variations. A wood floor may be honey-colored, cherry, ebony, or limed. A wall color will only look good in your home if it relates well to the floor color. Try holding paint samples right next to the floor, not just in the middle of the wall. (I’ve seen red walls look totally different next to cherry-stained floors than next to limed-oak ones.)

  2. Russ

    I agree that the dark colors look really elegant – but wouldn’t it feel too dark and depressing at night, or without enough natural light from the windows? Just a thought…