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Little Things x


We finally have coat hooks! These are midcentury Ukrainian curtesy of Etsy…cost £14, postage £15..but I love them..they’re the perfect size to avoid coat overload – what can’t hang here has to go down in the cellar to the dedicated coat cupboard (and yes, it’s full already..)


And Mr Fish, who used to be above our cooker has found a new lair.

IMG_8723 IMG_8726

Most importantly, the children have hooks for their endless school bits.  That daily hurricane has finally been contained! The mess was driving me mad and our drill is still lurking in the spare room..


Which currently looks like this…it’s going to be some time before we were reunited, so a big thank you to Al for helping us…come pick up your child from a playdate and bring your drill with you! but it was appreciated..now…if you’re free next weekend..


Must start unpacking..


Laters, Kate x


Damn x


The crittall glass people arrived here yesterday and the only glass they left is the sort related to the Emperor’s new clothes:  It didn’t fit through the front door…one centimetre out, so it’s been returned to the factory. Apparently the main frame was supposed to be designed in two parts but it wasn’t. Their bad.  But it leaves me to explain the situation to Building Control and delay our final sign off again..there’s always something.


I’m distracting the frustration with a search for the perfect table lamp..something utterly ugly and totally wonderful.c1faafcee2d8e6fabebf2afe1a7f1a0d ca750609a3202fcae0dd5491ac31fd7c db8d490e7782fb03272aa6fc8f72ed47

They give such bones to a room..an intriguing combination of height, light and ambience.


It’s a ploy that’s working…

Laters, Kate x