Creature Comforts x


It feels horribly unfair that summer in the UK is already slipping away over the horizon, but this week has heralded non-stop torrential rain and the unearthing of boots and jeans.


Normally, there’s a tipping point in late summer when the weak sunshine, falling leaves and hit of frost take on a tantalising sense of expectation for soft layers and roaring fires..but not in August. Not before terms even started..


But it seems that we’re in serious transition..that time when bare legs get mixed with big cardies and upper halves look like winter, whilst below is still hopeful for sunshine.


 A time to look ahead for some serious wardrobe planning.


(All pics from Google or Pinterest)

Of course, I’m still praying for an Indian summer..but I’ve lived here for too long not to be prepared: 80s mohair cardigan and long, lace-up boots, here I come…


Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    We are still TOO warm in NYC. I am trying to find relief this weekend on one of the beach islands. That Jason Wu Pre Fall 2014 is amazing. Hmmm, time to start noodling. XO

  2. abbiosbiston

    I have come to the depressing realisation that none of my autumn/winter clothes fit and that I am going to have to rebuild my wardrobe for the third time.