It’s All in the Name..


Just under a week to go before the school gates once more swing open and a sense of routine returns.  Sigh. Just enough time to get feet measured (Charlie – two years younger – is now the same size as Bella..could be fun) and to work out whether I can still squeeze them into their old uniforms without too much amputation et blood shed. The curse of this part of the holidays, as it is every year, is then labelling everything – except I now have a solution:  Last year I wrote a post about Stamptastic, the ingenious stamp with the magic ink that works on everything from Clothes to swimming hats to rulers…a year on, and  I can confirm that a) it’s brilliant and b) my original stamp is still going strong.

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It’s now an essential component in the battle against time versus brains cells and the lost property box.

Laters, Kate x


  1. abbiosbiston

    I remember my mom sewing in hundreds of labels – many unpicked from things I’d outgrown. I still lost so much stuff. Sorry, mom!