Sunnies Shine x

IMG_0117If you think about it, sunglasses are the ultimate workhorse of the wardrobe, crossing seasons with effortless ease and adding pep to any outfit.

IMG_0249 IMG_0251

In previous years I’ve baulked from spending large amounts on a pair only to see them broken or lost on the flotsam of daily family life, but now?

IMG_0250 1606460_10152116312229183_637089269_o

I can hear their siren call.

And my gut says they’re going to be the BIG thing this summer.  Time to bite the bullet….

Laters, Kate x


  1. pernillelunde

    I have a slight addiction to sunglasses and have invested in a few designer pairs over the years, which I guard and take care of. I am in the market for some slightly quirky retro looking ones and the ones in the last picture tickled my fancy. So yes please all of the above in every color 😉 xxx

  2. Laura Lynn

    Nice timing…I need to think about the kind of weather that requires sunglasses. And these are gorgeous!
    Btw, just saw the a bit about London Mens Fashion Week…ooh, to die for! And not just the men, the clothes were great too.

  3. Zoia

    The first ones are absolutely stunning, breathtaking even!! 😍😍😍😍😍 I was the other way around, I was used to fast buys, but after my first designer pair purchased this summer, I want more like those now 😁😁😁😁


  4. Alexa Jean

    Go for it! I too was apprehensive on spending for fear of leaving them in a random pub but now I wouldn’t go back – I adore my designer sunnies (both pairs!).

  5. ajaybe2231

    I live in a place in which sunglasses are a necessity not a luxury. So sunglasses trends are always a welcome thing.

  6. alexcellent2012

    Love a good pair of sunnies – they can fix anything – including tiredness – well, the look of tiredness, anyway. I feel instantly lifted when I have them on. I remember leaving a pair of $200 Ray Bans in a pub when I was at university after the first time I wore them – never got them back. I didn’t spend money on sunnies for years, but then I bit the bullet in Paris a few years ago. Life is too short not to wear good sunglasses!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I swear having a good pair makes you feel better…till you sit on them..but I think if I find a pair without a nose-clip thing, so I can put them on my head without taking them off and they won’t get caught in my hair (hence no nose-clip) I’d be onto a winner..