Erik Madigan Heck x


All photos from his website.  Make a cup of tea and go and indulge in cocaine for the eyes.

A pure visual feast – Erik Madigan Heck is an award winning Photographer who’s developed his own uniquely beguilingly and surprisingly tender technique, blurring the lines between photography and the painted Arts.


In our minimalist world he’s looked to the past and found forgotten, curiously exotic textures to weave and layer into his creations.

erik-madigan-heck_kenzo-4 Etro_00 Etro_05

Drawing inspiration from painters such as Matisse and Monet he revels in colour, clash and pattern with almost brutal thematic clarity.


Unconventional yet timeless with total emotional clout that hits you in the heart, I love him.

Laters, Kate x


  1. Lia in Brussels

    Just had a quick look on the website: this is all the chromatherapy I’ll need this winter! Cocaine for the eyes indeed. I’ll definitely be posting some of his photos on my tumblr! Thank you so much Kate!

  2. Tim Hards Vicente

    Those are unbelievably good. Too good in fact. I have my suspicions that he might actually be a temporal anomaly, and has actually brought all his photographs from several hundred years in the future. I’m in awe.