Building Update x


We’re still fairly chaotic in the back sitting room with now 4 sofas, three tables, a piano, footstool, fridge, freezer and 10 chairs (including one just visible on top of the two sofas..) which lists like a modern day carol.


My kitchen is still a cunning arrangement of two bookcases salvaged from the cellar on a console table.  The ‘oven’ (on the table to the left of the chairs) is a one ring hob..that only works with a le creuset pan.  How middle class? The sink is in the shed..the washing up is the bathroom upstairs. Oh joy.


But no pain, no gain and the huge steels are in and walls are down.


All two storey of them..from the cellar to the ground the ceiling above.

IMG_7380 IMG_7513

The middle has changed from this..


To this, with the pocket sliding doors elegantly in place.


The floor has been levelled, electrics changed, gas, water all re-routed.


And secret storage added.


Extra jobs like a leak in the roof have been fixed, plasterboard is going is happening..and I am LOVING the space..

Laters, Kate x


  1. My Perfect Breakdown

    It is going to be beautiful when it’s done!! We too are in the middle of a much smaller reno (gutted a bathroom) and I’m already excited to start putting it back together. 🙂

  2. motherhendiaries

    Thank you for your succinct reminder of why I never want to renovate a house again! Still, I am savvy enough to know from the photographs that your end result is going to be stunning! And it is your end result that I envy… Chin up darling, at least this is a welcome distraction from all this beautiful rain… xx MH

  3. KerryCan

    Oh my god, I started to hyper-ventilate, just looking at the photos! I think I’d sooner die than go through what you’re dealing with! I hope the end result is fabulous and worth it!

  4. fabrickated

    This is so stressful for you. I wish you could just move out for a few weeks and let them get on with it. But it will be so worth it when it is finished. It is already feeling open and bright. Great.