A Fash..

A fashion mash..who woulda thought it? But South African Blogger Diana Moss has the bangers.  Inspired by Madrid-based Delposo’s SS14 collection – which was originally inspired by a painting by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot – Diana, in turn has grasped each creative thought like a huge crayon and created these wonderful pictures with a spirit of their own.

miss-moss-delpozo-005 miss-moss-delpozo-007 miss-moss-delpozo-003 miss-moss-delpozo-010-660x445 miss-moss-delpozo-006 miss-moss-delpozo-001J’adore.

Laters, Kate x


    • MasonBentley

      Interesting point. But personally I love to see the point of reference and the fashion mixed together, not nec as something I would buy to hang on my wall – I think it works brilliantly as a special type of art for the internet xxx