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I wish..

As a child I had a fascination with everything in miniature from the smallest tea-set to knives and forks for fairies. ┬áMaybe that’s why this piece of jewellery appeals so much.

Loquet-mainSheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey have combined forces to create Loquet, a delicate, ingenious take on the charm bracelet.  Their lockets, either heart-shaped or circular and made of crystal, open to store your own choice of keepsake charms.

laura-bailey-jewellery-vogue-1-18jun13-pr_1080x720-1I love jewellery with meaning, especially when it makes simple objects obtain talismanic status..the gem of a birthstone, an initial of a loved one, a golden ring all worn together next to your heart. This is not a cheap option..but then somethings in life should be special: Treasures to be treasured…and a girl’s gotta dream..

Laters, Kate x