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Sitting room storage..


Sometimes I dabble, sometimes I dream through half-closed eyes looking at the offending room, or in this case, corner of a room wondering what trick will create the magic.  The present corner in question is in the sitting room which is less hipster chic more family mess with the tv balanced on an unloved old side table, multiple plugs, leads and consoles plus a most unattractive plastic box filled with…tat. So instead of chaos I think of clever storage and chic solutions…..and it’s vintage wall units all gently glowing with decades of love and charm that focus into view.


(You can spot the offending item next to the yellow chair in the lefthand corner)


TV’s are always problematic – large, black, ugly they dominate a room.  I sorted it in our cellar cinema room (aka The Underworld) by darkening the walls and designing a specially made fireplace that sneakily both hid all the cables and opened up to reveal the dvd player, set boxes as they were needed…the front has a grill that drops down for easy access but also works closed as you can change channels etc through the mesh. It’s been a revelation.


The storage needs to be practical and beautiful so the current thought is to go for a Poul Cadovius style wall unit.  The appeal is the simple design and it’s flexibility – the shelves/cabinets can be arranged in any order.


I’m thinking the cabinet with sliding doors, like the one above, could sit with it’s back cunningly removed over the plugs on the wall and hide all the leads and house the dvd/etc (I refuse to get rid of my dvds..one day they’ll be like vinyl. Promise.)  And then, because it’s deeper, the TV could also sit on top…even be angled.


The rest of the shelves could be then arranged above.

I think it’s a solution. Can it be a reality?

Laters, Kate x