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I Dyed.. x


Like the lifespan of a butterfly, the summer term is flying to it’s end.  For Bella’s class it’s quite a poignant time as her year get re-mixed into different classes for September so after three years together it’s a real time of change.  As a little hurrah for the mums of her 2B class I held a Shibori tie-dye day..with all the essentials….


Joy of joys..the sun shone!


Is that a stick I see before me?


Our patriotic dye bath..previously used for mixing concrete for the patio.  The union jacks come from cut up passport covers from the 99p shop – they were perfect for holding the material in place to create the square shaped tie-dye pattern.


The magic starts when you unwrap..it’s a bit like Christmas..you have no idea what they’re going to be like..


But the results were pretty spectacular!


Each one different and unique!  My washing line has never looked so cool!


OMG – It actually looks like the tutorial photo!

IMG_1085 IMG_1060 IMG_1061 IMG_1059


This beauty was the result of ‘stick’..it’s like looking up at the sea whilst diving..


Now I have the kids home and dying everything in sight! But honestly, I can’t blame them..it’s addictive..for a wonderful day with friends, it’s surprisingly easy, wonderfully effective and thoroughly recommended!

Laters, kate x

Roses and Cupcakes x


Creative Coffee Mornings are still a regular Wednesday occurrence and a highlight of the week.  These pics are from our ‘Sugar Art’ session..


Which included a variety of projects including making elderflower cordial..even the word ‘cordial’ makes me smile…


 We also crystallised edible flowers..so simple and so effective..

IMG_0946 IMG_1026

You thoroughly coat each petal – back and front – with egg white, then cover everything in sugar.  A sprinkle of very fine glitter helps with the final fairy effect. Then they dry out and can be kept for months in an air tight container, ready for a dramatic flourish when required.


And we made cupcakes to practise our icing skills on..


With a whole box of toys to play with!



The joy, the pride, the ability to allow yourself the time to be creative and the companionship of sharing the experience with others all feed in to make this time so very special.  You literally zone away from real life – I’m sure it’s a similar endorphin rush to a serious gym workout.  Just without the pain…

IMG_1028 IMG_0948


Next week is ‘homemade sausages’…..guaranteed a giggle…

Laters, Kate x